Terms conditions



You have the right to return the items in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. You can directly deal with the seller.
Return policy and replacing product(s).

All product(s) have a full 14-day return right. The returned product(s) must be unused and unchanged. The return shipment is free of charge if the return policy is full filled. Please note that if you wish to exchange items, it can take as long as two weeks before the return parcel returns to our warehouse. Returns will be processed as soon as they arrive. Returned product(s) can be replaced with similar product(s) or with product(s) valued the same or less. Returned items are fully refunded if they are unused or the defect can be verified to be of manufacture origin. When replacing products, the possible price difference will be refunded. We urge the customer to provide with the shipment a note in the package where the possible refund, change of produc(s) etc is clearly stated. 

Return the product(s) by following these simple steps:

1. Notify Apex Sports Nutrition Customer Service of the return by e-mail: info@apexnutribar.com. Please inform us of the product(s) you are about to return, the order number found on the original order's receipt and your contacts. Apex Sports Nutrition will send you the return tag at the same time as your delivery, if not please let them know by e-mail once the information of the preferred Service Point has been received by Apex Sports Nutrition Customer Service.

2. Attach the returns parcel tag on the parcel with clear tape or reuse the original packaging with the clear document pouch. Do not cover any barcodes. Place possible invoices (on returns outside the EU) underneath the parcel tag into the document pouch.

Data management

The purpose of processing personal data (purpose of the register)

The personal data stored in the Apex Sports Nutrition online user registry is only used for customer service, contacts, marketing and other online services related purposes inside the company. We do not sell your data to 3rd parties.


Content of the register

The register will contain basic information, such as:

- Name

- Address

- Mobile phone number

- Email address


 Regular sources of information

The registrar will register only that information that the customer of Apex Sports Nutrition webstore has added to the system.


Regular disclosure of data and information transfer outside the EU or the European Economic Area

No regular disclosure of information to third parties. No disclosure of information outside the EU or the EEA.


Data protection principles

The user register information in apexnutribar.com web store is stored on the registrar’s own system, which is protected with special protection software. The system can only be accessed with correct username and password. The system is also protected by firewalls and other technical means. The information stored in the registry can only be accessed by pre-defined authorized employees of the registrar. The information stored in the register is located in locked and guarded premises.


Right for denial

The data subject has the right to prohibit the registrar to process his/her personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, market research and opinion polls, as well as registers or genealogical research. The request must be made in writing to the person(s) in charge of the registry.


Right of access

The data subject has the right to inspect his/her personal data stored in the register and to obtain copies. The inspection request must be made in writing to the person(s) in charge of the registry.

Data correction


The registrar will correct, delete or supplement on his/her own initiative or at the request of the data subject the erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data. The data subject should contact the person(s) in charge to correct the information.

Company information

Apex Sports Nutrition

Address: Kauppakatu 45, 70100 Kuopio  Finland

VAT number: FI31507621

Phone number: +358 44 9776272'

Email: info@apexnutribar.com